Executive Condominiums in The West More Popular

As the demand for executive condominiums in the West increases, the prices of these apartments also increase. As the price increases, the investment opportunities in renting them out become more lucrative. The asking rental prices for private properties rose in anticipation of returning expatriates. The first EC launch of 2022 was almost sold out during its preview weekend.


Affordable executive condominiums in The West can be a great investment for first-time buyers. Most of these properties are privately developed and are not government-owned, so they can be sold to more diverse pool of buyers. They are also eligible for CPF Housing Grants, which can help defray some of the costs associated with purchasing an EC. However, first-time buyers must also meet certain requirements, such as a monthly household income of $16,000 or more. Other important factors to consider are citizenship and housing status.

Executive condominiums are cheaper than private condominiums. They are also more convenient and family-friendly. They provide comfortable living and convenient access to various amenities, including shopping malls and dining establishments. They also come with the added benefit of capital gains upon selling your unit in the future. Some ECs also offer a Deferred Payment Scheme, which makes them even more affordable for first-time homebuyers.

Because of Singapore’s high cost of land, executive condos are mostly located in suburban and out-of-town areas. In the suburbs, executive condominiums are generally cheaper than those in town centres. And they are more spacious. Some units have multiple bedrooms, making them an ideal choice for families.

If you’re looking for an affordable executive condominium in The West, there are several options to consider. Some executive condominiums are self-contained and cost less than the average mass-market condo. For example, Bishan Loft is within 10km from the CBD and is a good choice for those who don’t need to worry about a communal living space.

ECs are generally priced between 25% and 30% lower than private condominiums. This is because the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) allocates land for subsidised residential dwellings. A majority of ECs are allocated to first-time buyers during the launch period. Additionally, only Singaporeans can purchase ECs.


Singapore is a city-state with a population of 5.93 million and the world’s second-highest population density. The scarcity of land means that housing prices in Singapore can be quite high, making executive condominiums an attractive option. These types of properties are usually built in remote locations, far from town centres to keep prices low.

ECs can be resold on the private property market after ten years, but the downside is their limited supply. These properties often have less desirable locations far from MRT stations, and buyers have to decide whether to prioritize location over amenities. However, new-launched condominiums are comparatively cheaper and are often located in better-developed areas.

Due to these factors, executive condominiums are more attractive than ever before. Prices are capped to help buyers stay within their means and avoid overstretching their finances. In Singapore, ECs have exploded since the early 1990s. Some of the most popular areas include Jurong East, Woodlands and Changi. So if you are looking for a property in the West, now is a good time to consider buying a self-contained executive condominium.


If you’re looking for a new place to live, you may want to consider an executive condominium. These are often priced a little lower than private condos, and they offer a wide variety of amenities. For example, they will generally have fully equipped kitchens, and finish levels that are comparable to those of private condos. Another benefit of executive condos is that they can take advantage of CPF Housing Grants. In addition, you can sell these properties to foreign buyers once they’ve reached their 11th year of ownership.

Historically, executive condominiums have been marketed towards middle-class Singaporeans. Buying one of these properties requires a bank loan and a minimum income of $16,000 per annum. However, recent land tenders have led to increased prices for executive condominiums.

The West is home to several EC projects. Tengah Garden Walk in Yishun, Tengah Garden Residences in Bukit Batok, and the new West Avenue 8 development in Tampines. With all of the amenities that come with the EC lifestyle, it’s easy to see why these units are becoming more popular.

During the past few months, interest in luxury condos has skyrocketed. While international buyers were unable to buy properties due to the pandemic, locals are now deciding to treat themselves to a luxurious home. The days of solitary living and watching television are over and people want to have special amenities to pamper themselves.

ECs are also a good way to make an upgrade from HDB. With the added access to fancy facilities and an expected completion date, it’s no wonder they’re becoming more popular. ECs are also often cheaper than private condos. Moreover, ABSD is not required upfront to purchase an EC.

While the initial selling price of an EC is low, the capital appreciation of the property can be significant. In addition to the resale market, ECs can be sold to foreigners in the open market. Apart from Singaporeans, they can also be rented out.

Pendry Residences West Hollywood is a new hotel-condo hybrid on the Sunset Strip. It will feature luxury condos and hotel suites. Pendry is part of the Montage brand.

Attractive price

Executive condominiums are usually priced below private condominiums and are geared towards middle-income Singaporeans. They are available only through bank loans, and have income ceilings of $16,000 and above. However, recent land tenders have resulted in higher prices for these luxury residences.

Despite the high initial cost, EC are still a cheaper option than private apartments, and offer a good option for HDB upgraders. Furthermore, because they are for own occupation, these units can enjoy good capital appreciation after privatization. Buying an EC is a sound investment, as you can always resale it at a higher price later on.

If you’re able to save a few thousand dollars on the purchase price, an executive condominium can be a great investment. In The West, only around 1,985 ECs are currently available, but demand is high. These units typically have more space and the same amenities as condos, but at a much cheaper price. Even if the demand for these ECs increases, they’ll still be considerably lower than the prices of other developments nearby.

The price of executive condominiums is still attractive in the West, despite the cooling measures put in place by the government. The government has implemented property cooling measures to curb property prices, including additional buyers’ Stamp Duty and Sellers’ Stamp Duty. These measures are designed to prevent the property market from becoming overheated, making it difficult to flip a property quickly.

In the West, an executive condominium in an urban neighborhood can be a great investment for those seeking a comfortable lifestyle. While they are less expensive than single-family homes, they are often a great choice for out-of-town buyers. In addition, many of them feature in-unit laundry and outdoor spaces.

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